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Troubleshooting HP printer issues – Hp printer is popular among people all over the world and about 300 million active users of hp printer all over the world. Hp printer is more reliable for its use and produce better results than any other printer. Although, hp printer is reliable but it faces some issues for its use like Hp printer installation Issues, hp printer setup and configuration problems etc.

Troubleshoot Hp printer installation issue

After purchasing the hp printer, first question comes in mind that how to install hp printer? Hp printer is a full package of advance features features and latest technology. therefore, many people faces issues regarding its installation or setup problems. we will provide you the easy troubleshooting steps for the quick installation of hp printer issues. follow these HP printers troubleshooting tips to get over from all the issues of your printer;

Hp printer installation for windows

  • Safely unpack your hp printer.
  • plug the all wires on their respective ports  and switch on the printer by switching on the electric switch.
  • connect the printer to PC with USB cable.
  • turn on the computer.
  • insert the Hp printer drivers CD into CD drive of PC.  it will start automatically to install.if it isn’t start automatically, click on CD driver and then double click on setup files or installation files of drivers software.
  • just follow the instructions shown on screen and install the software.
  • Now your drivers are installed successfully.

Troubleshooting tips for Hp printer drivers download issues

if you want to install your Hp printer on your PC and you haven’t the drivers and software CD of Hp printers, we will provide you the steps for how to download Hp printers drivers and software, follow these troubleshooting hp printer drivers and software issues steps:

  • click on the link shown here
  • you will see the search box
  • Now enter your model Number and find out the compatible drivers and software
  • now select your active windows operating and click-on next button
  • your matching searching results will be shown on the screen
  • select the your desire drivers and software
  • click on the download option
  • now save these drivers on your PC and install it
  • follow the instruction shown on the screen
  • after completing the installation, your printer will start working properly.

Paper Jams

Starting with the most common printer error you’ll encounter with any printer, let’s discuss how to remove a paper jam from your HP printer. Here are some possible reasons your HP printer is experiencing a paper jam: 

  • Your printer is dirty,
  • You’ve used the wrong type of paper 
  • The rollers that feed paper through your printer’s pathway are worn out

You can avoid the first two issues fairly easily by periodically cleaning your printer and making sure you load the right size and style paper. However, depending on your HP’s model, the rollers may be hard to access. In this case, you may need professional assistance removing and replacing its rollers. Whatever the cause for the paper jam, make sure you always pull the jammed paper in the direction of the paper path. Pulling it backwards can result in damage to your printer. 

Faded Print Image 

If the images you are printing are coming out looking faded, it’s usually a result of these problems: 

  • Your printer is low on toner
  • The print density is set too low
  • Economode printing is turned on

If you suspect you toner to be the culprit, simply removing the cartridge and shaking it a bit will redistribute the toner and may temporarily solve the problem. You will also need to replace your toner. If your toner is full, performing self-test will help you determine the current settings. There is typically a separate button on your HP printer that will show your current settings, or you might need to use the control panel to navigate through the printer menu and find the relevant settings.

Toner Smears

If you’re experiencing smearing on your printed pages here are the possible causes:

  • The fuser assembly is damaged or nearing the end of its life.
  • The toner cartridge is defective and releasing too much toner at one time.
  • There is a toner spill within the printer. 
  • The paper type isn’t suitable for toner

If your fuser assembly is the source of the issue, it will need to be replaced. If the issue is with your toner cartridge, you’ll want to replace it. Keep in mind, if you’re working with a color printer, you will only need to replace the cartridge that is causing problems. If you discover that the toner has spilled, simply clean it out to fix the issue.


Ghosting (in printers) happens when you print an image successfully, but a lighter “ghost-like” copy of that same image prints elsewhere. This can happen if there is an issue with the power outlet to which your printer is connected. Check to see if the issue persists when you plug your printer into a different outlet. Ghosting can also occur if certain parts of your printer, such as its drum or imaging kit are nearing the end of their life. These parts are meant to last for a certain amount of use, and need to be replaced once they hit the limit number.

50.4 Error Message

On newer HP LaserJet devices and printers, a 50.4 error message points to a problem with your power supply. Try disconnecting then reconnecting your printer to see if the error goes away. If this doesn’t take care of the problem, check to see that all of the parts of the printer are properly seated.

79 Error Message

In HP printers, a 79 error message could be a result of network problems, or it can also be caused by a failure of one of your printer’s add-on components, such as an MIO card or a RAM module print server. When following troubleshooting steps for a 79 error, go into the Start menu and open the “Printer” folder to see there are no jobs pending.  All add-ons should be removed and then added back to the printer one at a time to identify which component is causing the problem.

Printing From the Wrong Paper Tray

To fix this problem, check your application to see if it’s set to print to the wrong paper tray. If you find that it is, simply correct it by clicking on “Printer Properties” and locating the “Tray Selection” source. Also, make sure that the paper size matches that of the tray you are trying to print from.

HP Printer Not Connecting to WiFi Internet Problem

The HP printer’s series has become a first choice of the users because it offers plenty of unique features, compact design & fastest on their printers. But, sometimes users have trouble with wireless connectivity issues or errors with HP wireless printers. So, if you are one of them and your HP Printer is not connected to WIFI, then you don’t need to worry. Just, follow the below-given step-by-step troubleshooting steps and fix the wireless connection issue.

Fix Internet Connection Issue with HP Printer

First of all, turn off your printer from using the power button and then, switch off your router.

Then wait for a while and then, switch on all the devices (computer, router, and printer).

Now check the latest updated printer software and run the network connection test report for the perfect solution.

If again, the HP printer is showing a wireless connection issue or the HP Printer is not connected to WIFI, so install the HP printer diagnostic tools and troubleshoot the area of the network.

Methods to Troubleshoot If HP Printer is Not Connecting to WIFI:

You can follow the below-given methods to troubleshoot the issue troubleshooting wireless printer.

Method 1: Verify the Internet Connection

Firstly, users need to check the internet connection and network connectivity, when HP Printer is not connected to WIFI.  Also, ensure that the router & printer must be power ON.

Method 2: Verify the Network Configuration

Then, visit the control panel of the HP printer model and then choose the network configuration page. (Check if any error occurred)

Method 3: Check the Router Frequency Range

Sometimes, router frequency creates a WIFI connectivity issue. Then you should also check the router frequency and the frequency must be 2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz.

Method 4: Verify the Wireless Network Range

Keep in mind, the printer is always placed within the range of wireless networks. The HP printer must place within 30m of the router.

Method 5: Check the Correctly installation Printer Driver & Software

Still, if you are facing the issue of HP Printer not connected to WIFI, then upset.  Just check the printer driver and software is installed properly or not. Sometimes, the wrong installation creates a network connectivity issue, so verify this thing.

Method 6: Update the latest Printer Driver & Software

In case, if you doubt the installation procedure you have followed, then try to uninstall and then reinstall the updated/latest printer driver from going to the HP official website to fix HP wireless printer difficulties.

Method 7: Restart Devices

The problem HP Printer not being connected to WI-FI also may arise due to the HP printer network issue problem. Then to rectify the issue you should try to remove the USB cable and Ethernet cables. Then try to restart the devices; Computer/Laptop, Router, and the Printer again and then see these fixed the issue.

Hence, with the help of all the above-mentioned methods, you can troubleshoot the HP printer won't connect to wifi issue quickly.

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