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Linksys WRT54G remote G router requires two stages.

1. Right off the bat you should connect every one of the Linksys Extender Setup  to make your wired Ethernet associations ready.

2. What's more, another choice, to utilize the router's Internet point of interaction to set up Wi-Fi, empowering remote Web for your PCs and cell phones and so on.

Hardware Setup for Linksys wireless g router

1. Plug the Ethernet link from your link or DSL modem into the Web port on the router

2. Associate at least one PCs to the Ethernet ports on the router.

3. Presently we really want to Connect the router's power connector and stand by a couple of moments while the framework begins. After to do we will get Web network on your wired PC.

Wi-Fi Setup for Linksys Wireless g router

1. open the web broswer and type Sign in with client name and password,type administrator in both field.

2. After Open the wizard then, at that point, select the Remote tab in the Router's setup interface.

3. Pick a name — SSID — for your remote organization. Everybody in scope of your router can see the name, so incorporate no confidential data. Leave the other choices on their defaults. Click Save Settings and afterward Proceed.

4. After that Open the Remote Security tab. Select the security mode to WPA2 Individual and enter a secret phrase of no less than eight characters in the Passphrase or WPA Shared Key field.then Clickand Save Settings, After consummation these means you will actually want to utilize remote organization.

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