We are the Dust Warriors Group!

The best house cleaning company

Our team is the perfect choice when it comes to eliminating dust and dirt! We are a team specialized in dust control and cleaning with the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Our mission is to provide exceptional cleaning services to customers who are looking for a clean and healthy environment in their homes and offices. We are fully aware that dust and sediment can negatively impact people's health and reduce quality of life. So, we are here to fight dust and bring a clean and healthy environment to you and your loved ones.

With our team of highly trained experts, we provide comprehensive cleaning services for all surfaces and corners. We use the latest technologies and advanced tools to ensure effective and complete dust removal.

No matter the size of your space or the challenges you face, we can handle it brilliantly. We are committed to providing quality services and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our professional and detail-oriented team will ensure that your home or office is dust and dirt free.

Book an appointment with Dust Warriors today and enjoy a clean and fresh environment. Let us take care of the hard work of getting rid of the dust, so you and your family or colleagues can relax and enjoy your time without worrying about residue and dirt.

We won't here

Make your home or office dust free and ensure a clean and fresh environment. Contact us today and discover the difference we can make together. We are the “Dust Warriors Group” and we are here to fight dust for you!

Yes, we can provide the services you requested. Here are the details of the available offers:

1. Three-storey house cleaning at 10% discount: Three-storey house cleaning will be done at 10% discount on the original price.

2. Two-storey house cleaning at a 5% discount: The two-story house will be cleaned at a 5% discount on the original price.

3. Cleaning of a house with more than 5 floors at a 30% discount: A house with more than 5 floors will be cleaned at a 30% discount on the original price.

Please note that prices quoted are for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on the size and condition of the home. Please contact us for more precise details and to arrange an appointment that suits you.
The best house cleaning company

The best house cleaning company in Kuwait


Professional apartment cleaning services

Discover great apartment cleaning services tailored to meet your needs. From thorough dusting to meticulous floor cleaning, make sure your space isn't just clean, it's truly perfect. Trust reliable companies to transform your apartment into a clean and organized haven.


The best professional house cleaning company

Discover premium home cleaning services that meet your needs. From deep cleaning to meticulous floor scrubbing, make sure your home is not just clean, but sparkling and tidy. Trust reliable companies to provide cleaning services that maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your home.


Professional office cleaning services

Ensure that your office space remains clean and conducive to productivity with our premium office cleaning services. From dusting and sanitizing surfaces to emptying and waste removal, trust our reliable cleaning team to keep your workplace clean and organized. Boost employee morale and impress customers with a flawless office environment.


Sofa cleaning services

Get high-quality sofa cleaning services to restore the beauty and cleanliness of your furniture. We offer customized services to clean and renew your sofa, to ensure its new shine and appeal. Enjoy clean and fresh furniture with professional cleaning services.

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Cleaning services in Kuwait

The cleaning company provides comprehensive cleaning services for homes and commercial buildings in Kuwait. Our services include cleaning air conditioners, cleaning carpets and rugs, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

House cleaning company in Kuwait

The cleaning company's services include trained workers and safe and specialized tools, and we guarantee our customers that their places will be cleaned in a safe and professional manner. Our customers just want to feel comfortable in their clean home.

Apartment cleaning company in Kuwait

Distinguished Cleaning Company is a leading company in the field of cleaning in Kuwait, and guarantees high-quality cleaning services

Capital Governorate apartment cleaning company

House cleaning services in Kuwait:

Our professional cleaning company in Kuwait provides high-quality cleaning services for homes. With competent technicians and high-quality tools, we guarantee our customers specialized and safe cleaning services. Whether you need a one-time deep cleaning or periodic cleaning services, we have the experience and skill to do the job right. Our goal is to provide you with a clean and comfortable home, so you can relax and enjoy your space.

Office cleaning services in Kuwait:

For a successful work environment, it is necessary for the office to be clean and organized. Our professional cleaning company in Kuwait provides comprehensive office cleaning services for companies of all sizes. From cleaning surfaces
and chairs to cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, we will ensure that your office is clean to the highest standards. Our professional decorators only use safe cleaning products

Dear customer, we open our doors to all types of customers:

We have high experience in cleaning homes and offices, and we provide our services to clients of all sizes and types. We can do a comprehensive cleaning of your homes or offices, or provide specific home or office cleaning services according to your desire. All of our services are licensed and qualified, and we guarantee our clients the best results when conducting any work with us. Don't hesitate, contact us now to get special offers and perfect cleaning services